3 Perspectives That Helped Me Embrace Change

Where are you on the change lover scale, from “totally paralyzed to make any changes” to “love it, bring me more!”?

I’ve always embraced change on some level, but it wasn’t until I started viewing it from a different perspective that helped me move the needle forward in my life. 

Instead of looking at change as something I should do because that’s what successful people do, I embrace that I am a co-creator of my life. I’m not making change for change sake, but to create my life in a way that feels fun and exciting.

Here are three ideas that have helped me embrace change:

The unknown is always there –

When I asked the question at work “what is scary about change?” many of the answers were “the unknown.” Yet, when you stop to think about it, do we ever really know the future? How many of us predicted the C-word in 2020, and everything that would happen as a result?

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Accepting the unknown has been a big learning for me – and not just because it’s always there. One way I did that was by understanding that our beliefs are uber powerful. I can believe “everything is always working out for me,” or “the world is always against me,” and either way, I’m right. 

Since I am choosing to live my life as an empowered being, I choose the former. And so far, everything has worked out for me.

Even though it is unknown, I am (greatly) in charge of the end result

Sure, the universe does make magic in my favor. Yet, I am also an important part of the process, and the one actually taking the steps to get to where I want to be. None of us jump to the desired result right away. We get there through a series of tiny actions and adjustments that add up over time.

In each moment, I get to choose whether or not to take the action. After each action, I can reflect and see: did it feel good? Did it get me closer to, or farther from, my desired result? Then I adjust if I need to. Therefore, even though the end result is unknown to me in the beginning, I’m still shaping it by being present and taking those actions along the way. It’s like taking an Agile Mindset to life.

– I am exactly where I need to be right now –

Many of us, me included, beat ourselves up for not “being better,” or having “started sooner.” While I haven’t overcome this completely, I’m learning to embrace the journey as being an important part of getting to my destination. 

Sometimes, I need to have an idea, then let it percolate for a while before I am ready to take action toward it. When I first had the inkling to do Facebook lives and share intimate parts of what I’m doing and learning, the idea had to settle in before I was ready to try it out.

Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

Sometimes, I need to go through more pain and hard times before I reach the destination because there’s something to learn or heal from. Pain, while tough in the moment, has always shaped me into a stronger and wiser person once I get to the other end of it.

I’ve accepted that the road to a destination is never a straight line; sometimes there’s a switchback, or I have to go down before I go back up. Yet even in those instances, I’m always facing ahead and moving forward toward the end result.

Once I started embracing that change is continuous and there’s nowhere to be except exactly where I am, the perceived weight I carried around large-scale change lessened. Instead of “what are all the things I need to do to get there,” it’s become, “what small action can I take right now?”

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