I’m Andrea!

I graduated college with a success checklist.

By age 30, I wanted to:

have my Master’s Degree

be married with at least one kid

own a house

have a well-paying job

I gave myself the ‘ole I’ll be happy then speech and slogged my way through my 20s. I had a baby on my hip when we moved into our house at 31. It was the last thing on my list.

I waited for that blissed out feeling of success to arrive.

It ghosted me. I was miserable. And there was no relief in sight.

I did what most of us do: blamed the job and found a new one. That distracted me for a while – until the misery came back louder than before.

I finally realized why I was unhappy: I’d shaped my life around what others told me I should do, instead of following what felt authentic to me!

If I wanted to live up to my highest potential – which ambitious me did I had to put myself back into the center of my decisions.

Over the years, I established a new set of beliefs that led me from confused corporate gal to confidently knowing how I am here to serve. These beliefs guide my life today, and the coaching I offer.

 Everything is energy, and energy precedes form.

If we want something to show up in our physical reality (a new relationship, job, or financial situation, for example), we must hold that energy in our body first.

 We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We, the who we are, is a powerful, limitless spirit that communicates to us via our heart. We are not our mind, body, or emotions, yet we experience those as part of the human experience.

 The universe is always guiding us to our highest potential. And – you don’t have to guess what that is because life happens for you, not to you.

When hard things show up in our life, they’re not to bring us down. They’re to show us where we’re ready to release old patterns that aren’t serving us, and grow into new ones that do.

 Our outer worlds are a reflection of our inner worlds.

All situations in our outer world are a reflection of something within our energy. Our outer world contains clues as to what our energetic landscape may look like.

 Let my Genius be your guide!

• I can easily discern your truth (Soul) from your conditioning (Ego), and guide you to the patterns that are not serving you.

• I help you reconstruct your inner world by offering exercises that help you release the energy that doesn’t align with your heart’s desires, and tap into that which does.

• I am intuitively guided. I may feel energy, see visions, or get other information that helps you release your energetic blocks.

• Numerous clients have told me I kickstarted their life and helped them transform something that’s been blocking them for years! If you’re ready for a jump start, that’s what you’ll get from coaching with me!

I am so passionate about helping you.

I truly believe we’re all meant to live a successful and fulfilling life (and you get to decide what that means to you!).  That our souls didn’t zip on these skin suits to come to Earth for the hustle and the grind. But most of us weren’t taught that way.

 It’s your time to shine. Let me help you awaken to your highest YOU!

I look forward to connecting with you!