Has the working world dulled your shine?

By external standards, you’re very successful.

Yet you’re realizing success doesn’t feel as good as you thought it would.

Bring your RADIANT self to work again! You deserve to spend your days doing more than collecting a paycheck.

✨ You’re not doing it wrong. ✨

You’ve been led to believe you need to achieve things – job, degree, salary – to feel successful.

But feeling successful comes from somewhere entirely different:

Knowing the value your Soul is here to offer the world, and sharing it confidently and unapologetically.

I’m Andrea!

I help female leaders who lost themselves in their work reconnect to their inner radiance!

As a Transformational Coach, I help you shift your thoughts and emotions to match the radiant leader you want to be.

As a Spiritual Mentor, I help you activate your innate sense of worth, understand your Soul’s value, and rewrite failures as expansion opportunities.

I’m based outside Madison, WI with my husband, two kids (7 and 5), and alarm dog, Nola.

You can read more about my story here!

Leader: she who is determined to show up differently. To pave a new path for herself. To recognize that the old way doesn’t work, and awaken to a life where she puts herself at the center.

Here are 3 ways to join my world:

Private Coaching

This is for the leaders who are ready to shift now! Coaching with me is the most transformative experience I offer. If you like to go deep within yourself, and are tired of trying to figure it out alone, coaching would be a match for you.

My FREE Activation Series, From Within to the Workplace: Activate your Radiant Leadership

Words don’t teach – experience does! If you want to kickstart your journey with a series of activation videos each designed to activate a different part of your inner radiance, this is for you. It will also add you to my email list, where I strive to share content and tips you aren’t hearing anywhere else.

The Quantum Mom Show on YouTube

If you are a video kind-of-gal, check out my YouTube channel. Every week I release an episode sharing my experiences, transformational tips, and anything else that is on my mind. The Quantum Mom Show is for moms who want to: live up to their Soul’s potential; learn how to use their energy (that Law of Attraction kind), and have fun along the way!

I am so passionate about helping you.

I truly believe we’re all meant to live a successful life (and you get to decide what success means to you!).  That our souls didn’t zip on these skin suits to come to Earth for the hustle and the grind. But most of us weren’t taught that way.

 It’s your time to shine. Let me help you awaken to your highest, most radiant YOU!

An amazing life is waiting – are you ready to take the first step?