3 Perspectives That Helped Me Embrace Change

Where are you on the change lover scale, from “totally paralyzed to make any changes” to “love it, bring me more!”? I’ve always embraced change on some level, but it wasn’t until I started viewing it from a different perspective that helped me move the needle forward in my life.  Instead of looking at change… Continue reading 3 Perspectives That Helped Me Embrace Change

When Your Life Is Unraveling

Do you feel like your life is unraveling?  You’ve done everything “right,” and yet, nothing is going right anymore? This is not a random occurrence.  And you are not broken.  Read on for an explanation. Let’s pretend for a minute that, deep inside your core, is a brilliant being of light.  Long ago, this being… Continue reading When Your Life Is Unraveling

You Can’t Pro/Con List to Your Best Life

You have the life you thought you wanted, yet you’re noticing – it doesn’t feel so good. Maybe you’re over the constant hustle.  Or work isn’t lighting you up the way you expected.  Or you want more time with your family, and less time at the office. I simmered in my unhappiness for years before… Continue reading You Can’t Pro/Con List to Your Best Life

The Secret of Manifestation

When I first said “yes” to the spiritual path, I expected it to be all love and light, and maybe a few unicorns.    When I realized that God was not an angry dude with a beard sitting on a cloud judging me, but was in fact an energy of love that connects us all… Continue reading The Secret of Manifestation

Feeling More Peace Within

As you reflect on your day, what is your predominant feeling?  These days I spend most of my time in a fairly neutral, peaceful-feeling state.  But that wasn’t always the case. I used to be really uptight – trying to control every action by everyone in the house, and reacting harshly if people (particularly my… Continue reading Feeling More Peace Within