Private Coaching

You deserve a fulfilling life!

I’d love to coach you back to you.

Mom – I see you.

You have all the things that should feel fulfilling.

Yet you live in a paradox: you’re overwhelmed and feel like something’s missing.

You don’t talk about it because others have it harder than you.  You ignore the emptiness, put on a smile, and tell yourself you should feel grateful.

You’ve done nothing wrong.

You’ve been led to believe you need to achieve things – job, degree, salary – to feel fulfilled.

But this belief keeps you constantly looking for the next thing, leaving you exhausted and impatient with those you love the most.

You may also have this inner feeling like you’re on the wrong path

Or secretly wonder – what if I waste my life’s potential?

I know that feeling.

I had one healthy kid and another on the way.  Nice house.  Good marriage.  Well-paying job.

But inside, I had a knowing – if I stayed on the corporate path, I wouldn’t live up to my highest potential.

You can read more about my story here!

My life started falling into place when I learned we have two forces at play in our lives:

🧠 Our Ego (which speaks to us through our heads and is what most of us listen to), that hates change and directs us to choices that avoid pain.

💜 Our Soul (which whispers to us through our heart), that has a dream for us and knows how to lead us to our highest potential.

I learned how to decipher the desires of my Soul from the noise of my Ego, release my resistance, and take action from my heart.

That’s what I want for you.

During our 4-month coaching journey, I will show you how to:

🤍 Cut through the mental noise and get clear on your Soul’s desires.

🤍 Set an intention that aligns you to the energy of those desires.

🤍 Release the resistance you will hit along the way.

🤍 Make decisions and take action that are right for you.

The package includes: eight 45-minute private coaching sessions, a BONUS 60-minute Human Design session, and unlimited email support.
Investment: $2400 (payment plan) or $2200 (paid in full)

If you’re intriuged, but not quite ready for coaching

Download my FREE guide and supporting videos, 5 Mindset Shifts to Ease Your Overwhelm. Learn 5 ways our Ego shows up, and how our Soul is calling us to be instead.

Look ahead 5 years. What if:

👉🏽 Nothing in your life changed?

👉🏽 The feeling you’re on the wrong path got stronger?

👉🏽 You were waiting for the perfect time to start, only to find out there was no perfect time and you missed out on five years of positive momentum?

That won’t happen to you.

Our journey together will take you

Client Testimonials

“I regained my power.  My balance. We did an exercise where I could see and feel the energy being pulled out of my body.  I could feel the ounce by ounce draining me.  We then, kindly and with so much love and gratitude, cut that rope that was pulling energy out of me.  I felt free. I felt relaxed, I felt present the way I wanted to be present— without pressure for what ‘was needed’.” Erica
“One of the best aspects of my time working with Andrea was our exploration of boundaries. She taught me that I can grow personally when I accept the decisions and behavior of the people I love. There is empowerment in giving my loved ones autonomy. I feel like a stronger person when I do that.” Caitlin
“I have been feeling stuck in my life for about the last 10 years. I’ve tried a lot of different strategies and all have helped in one way or another. But my time with Andrea is different. I would call it transformational. Andrea was able to help me release old pain that has been blocking my true purpose. She’s bringing a brand new perspective to my journey. It is like an awakening.” M.K.

An amazing life is waiting for anyone brave enough to create it.