Private Coaching

You have what you thought you wanted

and it’s not doing it for you anymore.

You’re a go-getter.

A problem-solver.

A do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-the-job-done-er.

In other people’s eyes, you have it made. You have a successful career, a list of impressive achievements, and your version of a beautiful family.

Here’s what they don’t see:

Your life may look successful, but it’s lacking meaning and purpose.

You never feel like you’ve done enough. You’re always looking for the next thing to be “the thing” that brings that feeling of success, and you’re unsure how to stop the cycle.

You feel like you’re too old or too far along in your career to start something new.

Prestige is losing its appeal and you’re craving more depth.

You secretly envy other’s lifestyles but assume what they have could never work for you.

You’ve tried everything else.


Mindset work.



Naming your fears.

There’s temporary relief and glimmers of hope, but you’re still feeling stuck and wondering:

What’s working for them that’s not for me?

I get it, but don’t know how to implement these ideas.

How can I trust what my inner voice is telling me?

Maybe these dreams aren’t for me.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

I had one healthy kid and another on the way.  Nice house.  Good marriage.  Well-paying job.

But inside, I had a knowing – if I stayed on my current path, I wouldn’t live up to my highest potential.

You can read more about my story here!

My life changed when I realized this secret:

Everything outside of me was simply a reflection of my inner world.

If I wanted my outer world to change, I didn’t need to force change in the outside world. I needed to go within.

My mindset: where was I limiting myself? What did I believe was possible for me? Were those thoughts supportive of where I wanted to go?

My emotions: where were my fears and limitations trapped in my body?

My spirituality: how can I believe my dreams are meant for me? How can I hear my inner guidance? How can I tap into the flow of abundance that’s available to all of us?

My body: how can I love and partner with my body? How can I embody the person that’s a match to my dreams?

Through my understanding of the Law of Attraction and our divine nature as Spiritual beings, I learned how to re-wire my inner world to become a match to my dreams. Then, my outer world shifted to match.

That’s what I want for you – to help you back to the center of your life!

These are the keys we unlock during our time together:

🗝️ Develop a juicy vision for the life you want to step in to for your next chapter

Not sure? That’s okay! I help you quiet your mind and let your inner guidance show you the way.

🗝️ Understand how your inner guidance communicates to you

🗝️ Learn tools to identify and release your resistance

🗝️ Receive exercises designed to rewire your mindset and emotional set point so the Law of Attraction works for you

Exercises include: visualizations, journal prompts, and action items.

🗝️ Reframe triggers and failures as growth opportunities

The package includes: eight 60-minute private coaching sessions, free access to my email series Get Mentored by the Universe, a BONUS 75-minute Human Design session, and unlimited email and Voxer support.
Investment: $2400 (payment plan) or $2200 (paid in full)

Add On: receive all of the above + a VIP Day in Madison. This day will be tailored to you to help you further embody the Radiant You that you will be!
Investment: $5800 (payment plan) or $5500 (paid in full)

Looking for a smaller commitment? Book a Connection Call to discuss other options!

My coaching is very experiential.

If you’d like a sample of my coaching style, sign up for my FREE Activation Series called From Within to the World: Activate your Radiant Leadership. I offer 5 videos that will activate a different aspect of your inner radiance!

Look ahead 5 years. What if:

👉🏽 It was exactly the same as it is now?

👉🏽 The feeling you’re on the wrong path got stronger?

👉🏽 You were waiting for the perfect time to start, only to find out there was no perfect time and you missed out on five years of positive momentum?

That won’t happen to you.

If you’ve read this far, that means there’s a version of you ready to come alive! ✨

To stop making decisions based on others’ expectations, or from your fear, and start to listen to your own inner voice.

To own that your dreams are meant for you, and understand how to bring them to life.

To know how to distinguish your fear voice from your inner voice, and have tools to navigate when the fear comes in.

To set the example for your family and friends on living a life that lights you up!

Client Testimonials

“I regained my power.  My balance. We did an exercise where I could see and feel the energy being pulled out of my body.  I could feel the ounce by ounce draining me.  We then, kindly and with so much love and gratitude, cut that rope that was pulling energy out of me.  I felt free. I felt relaxed, I felt present the way I wanted to be present— without pressure for what ‘was needed’.” Erica
“One of the best aspects of my time working with Andrea was our exploration of boundaries. She taught me that I can grow personally when I accept the decisions and behavior of the people I love. There is empowerment in giving my loved ones autonomy. I feel like a stronger person when I do that.” Caitlin
“I have been feeling stuck in my life for about the last 10 years. I’ve tried a lot of different strategies and all have helped in one way or another. But my time with Andrea is different. I would call it transformational. Andrea was able to help me release old pain that has been blocking my true purpose. She’s bringing a brand new perspective to my journey. It is like an awakening.” Meredith

An amazing life is waiting – are you ready to take the first step?