Who You Are Not!

Who am I?  What is my soul here to do? 

In 2019, I decided to stop questioning and start answering.

That year I read a book that shook me awake: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  (I talk about it a lot – it was that impactful.)  In that book I learned the difference between my Soul and what he called the Ego. 

One of the lessons I took away was “I am not my thoughts.  I am the awareness, or the consciousness, behind my thoughts.” 

I like to demonstrate it like this: think a thought about yourself, something you consider true (ex: I have brown hair.)  Now think the opposite thought (ex: I have green hair).  If my thoughts were a true reflection of who I was, I wouldn’t be able to say “I have green hair” because it’s not actually true.

(Unless I was this girl.)

Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash

And – who is the entity that told your brain to think those thoughts?

THAT entity is the REAL YOU.  The Soul that’s living a human life.

Those thoughts?  Old belief systems you recycle from the past.  An element of the human experience, but ultimately, not you.

Yet most of us play those thoughts in our heads thinking they are us: things like we’re not good enough, or too afraid to do something, or that the world is out to get us.

Eckhart tells us that our Ego is the unobserved mind; the voice in our head that pretends to be us by recycling those thoughts over and over.

I was focused on career when I read that book.  I’d already heard the voice inside telling me I wasn’t living up to my highest potential.  The book highlighted for me that, the two biggest drivers I had for advancing in my career – money and a fancy title – were Ego desires, not Soul desires. 

(Quick side note: I now know that being spiritual does not mean you have to be broke.  It’s okay to be spiritual and have money.  When money is your motivating factor, that’s an Ego desire, not a Soul desire.  The way I look at it – my Soul desire is to serve others at my highest potential.  The money is a nice benefit, but not my main motivation.  Side note over.)

I decided then and there to learn about my Soul and how it was here to express.

Yet I didn’t know how to do that.  So, I started by shifting what wasn’t the Soul – what was actually an Egoic behavior.

According to Eckhart, here are some ways to know if your behavior is coming from the Ego:

Talking to others with the intention of showing them you’re right and they’re wrong.

Thinking that your value is tied to the things that you have – the more you have, the better you are.

Or more generally, comparing you to others and pointing out how you’re better or worse than them.

Identifying with the body and thinking you are your size and color.

Acting like a victim through behaviors like complaining, feeling offended, outraged, etc.

If any of this was a surprise to you, you’re not alone.  That’s how I felt in 2019.

I didn’t know why, but I intuitively knew that, if I wanted to get to my highest potential it meant growing beyond Egoic tendencies and living a life more aligned to my Soul.  And that’s what I’ve been seeking to understand ever since.

I am working every day to live more aligned to the truth of who I am – not the Ego I thought I was.  In fact, it’s in my Human Design chart that one of the gifts I offer society is to live my uniqueness, which inspires and empowers others to live as their unique, inspiring selves.

If you’re interested in growing into your highest potential and creating a life that feels expansive and perfect for you, you’re in the right place.  That is what I am here to model for you.

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