What is Energy Healing?

I’ve been asked this numerous times on my radio interviews, yet have never shared it with my audience.  For your education, here is how I describe energy healing and my flavor of it.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Who we are, the authentic us, is a spiritual energy.

The human experience comes with thoughts, emotions, and a body.  Those mental, emotional, and physical energies are energies we play in while having this human experience, but are not who we are

As a visual, imagine you are swimming in the ocean.  You experience the ocean – you can feel the temperature, roll with the waves, and see the colorful life below the surface – yet you are not the ocean.  That’s the same with these energies.  Our spirit experiences having thoughts, feeling feelings, and moving with a physical body, but those are ultimately not us.  Those will be dropped at the end of the human experience while our soul lives on.

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Emotions are energies that want to be felt.  Yet many of us suppress painful emotions.  Back to elementary science, energy cannot be created or destroyed but can change form. Therefore, the residue of those emotions remains in our system. To ensure we never feel that painful emotion again, we put a belief on top. 

Let’s say as a kid, you took the stage and people laughed.  You shoved down that embarrassment, which kept the residue in your system, and created the belief “I’m not good at public speaking” to ensure you never feel it.  Now every time someone says something to you about speaking to an audience, you clam up and tell them “I’m not good at public speaking.”  But what’s really happening is your psyche thinks, by keeping you off stage, it’s saving you from feeling the embarrassment you felt so long ago.

I envision these emotions as blobs, blocking the light of our spirit that wants to express.  We all have layers upon layers of these suppressed emotional blobs, which often keep us in fear of living our life. 

In coaching with me, we use the painful thoughts rolling around in your psyche to tap into those painful emotions, which restarts the emotion.  Only this time we feel it completely so it gets released from your system.  Science has shown that most emotions are fully felt within 60-90 seconds, so this is not a long process. 

Done continuously, you release those blobs blocking your spirit. Space is created for your spirit, the true you, to come back into your life.  Results include feeling more joy and purpose, and having clarity on who you are and what you are here to offer.

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(Watch for a future post that will discuss possible results in more detail.)

Can you imagine who you’d be if you lived the life you wanted, without these painful thoughts and emotions coming up from within, unconsciously stopping you?

If you are ready to start releasing those painful emotions keeping the true you from expressing, I have an offer for you.

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