We’re All Being Walked Back Home

I felt a pull to take a walk through the woods.  I resisted at first – there was a deer family resting peacefully that I didn’t want to scare – but eventually gave in.

A family of deer, blending in to the woods.

My husband recently cleared a trail, so I followed that to the top of the hill.  It was an easy climb.  I stopped frequently to notice the fallen trees, or figure out what animal was yelling at me.  (It was a squirrel 🐿️.)

When I hit the fence at the back of the property, I turned for home.

Suddenly, I felt a presence.  Spirit had joined me, wanting to walk with me.  I stopped to tune in .  They were guiding me to take a different path, one that hadn’t been cleared.  I argued for a second, but as I often do, I surrendered and listened.

Our woods aren’t thick, but there are enough branches that getting face whipped is a possibility.  I took each step, assessed my surroundings, and did what I had to do to clear the path and take the next step. 

Sometimes I moved branches out of the way. 

Sometimes I stepped over logs. 

A couple times, I slipped on the snow. 

I finally emerged from the woods, ready to go inside.

I was taken right to the spot the deer had been laying.

I realized this was an amazing metaphor for life.  All of us are on planet right now to walk ourselves back home.  Sometimes the path is clear and easy.  Sometimes it isn’t. 

Yet we don’t have to know the entire path to get started.  We just need to take a step.  Each step we take reveals to us the options we have for the next steps.

Here’s the great thing: we can’t get this wrong!  Once we choose to take the journey back home, each step gets us closer to our destination.  The journey may look different, but who we become is the same: we become one with the highest versions of ourselves.  The version of us that is limitless, and abundant.  Authentic, and purposeful.

Home is where we are meant to be.  Yet all of us wander in the woods until that time when the whisper gets a little louder and tells us – it’s time.  Follow me.

If you are feeling called to know yourself on a deeper level, maybe 2023 is the year you choose to stop wandering in the woods and start the journey home.

If you don’t know how to take the first step, I am here to be your (not spirit!) guide.  I know how to identify the behaviors that are not in alignment with your highest self.  To reflect back to you where you are holding yourself back from the greatness that is your birthright.

Book a coffee, grab your hiking boots, and let’s see if we are a fit to journey together.

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