Inching Myself Out of Burnout

This article – Self Care is Not Enough to Fix How Much Moms are Burnt Out – came across my feed this week. 

I agree with much of what is mentioned; first, a trip to the salon, or a relaxing bubble bath, are not sustainable self-care.  We might feel good for a minute, but then we go back into our lives the same person we were before the bath. We have momentary relief, not lasting change.

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I also agree with the sentiment that the burn out is not our fault.  For this post, suffice it to say that the society we grew up in was not built by or for empowered females.

So again – the burn out is not our fault.  But also – for better or for worse – no one is going to fix this for us.

It’s up to each of us to dig ourselves out of burn out. And – while we have to do it ourselves – we don’t have to do it alone.

After my daughter was born (she’s 6 1/2 now), I had brain fog.  I was always tired, but a caffeine insensitivity kept me from drinking coffee so I slugged my way through my days.  I wasn’t excited about anything; I was just going through the motions.

I didn’t call it burn out at the time; I more felt generally bored and apathetic toward how I was spending my time.  Yet a part of me knew it was time to do something different.  To serve in a bigger way.  So despite knowing it would be a big life pivot, I jumped into the self-discovery and self-healing path.

Five-ish years later, I feel more joy than I’ve ever felt.  I have a zest for life I didn’t know was possible for me.  And I have clarity on how I am here to serve.  All those things are possible for anyone on the other end of burn out.

What sped up my progress was discovering Energy Healing, which I started applying three years ago.  The kind I do isn’t some black voodoo magic stuff (though I respect it if that’s what you’re into).  And I’m not a Reiki master or acupuncturist… I’m self taught.  That’s how easy this can be to learn.  My kind is all about noticing your disempowering thoughts, feeling and releasing the heavy emotions behind them, and plugging into your truth.  Doing that over time, as the painful energy presents itself to you, has a tremendous cumulative effect on your overall well being.

With each behavior I looked at, I felt lighter and lighter.  I looked at things like:

Questioning “what is perfection anyway?” and letting go of any need to be perfect.

Noticing when I felt like I was a bad mom, and tuning into my truth instead.

Giving myself permission to do life my way, and disengaging from “societal norms” that felt heavy and constricting.

The article talks about the sources of our burnout being the expectations we can’t live up to, and the pressure we feel in trying to do so.  How we give so much, and don’t refill ourselves.  This is exactly what I can help moms with.  As an Empowerment Coach, I help you uncover the root thoughts and emotions causing the stress.  As an Energy Healer, I guide you to gently dissolve them away.  Doing that over time allows your Life Force to fill the space formerly clogged up by the heavy energy you were carrying around.

Health and vitality are our true state.  Our Life Force, and subsequently, our lives, feel juicy when we allow it in.

You have to make the choice.  But once you do, you don’t have to do it alone.  I am here to help you get your life back.  Or if you’re like me, feel alive for the first time. 

I have a limited amount of space for 1-1 clients starting in September.  Feel free to set up some time to learn more.

I (Andrea) am an Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer, and Mompreneur. I am passionate about teaching moms who are struggling with self-care to better manage their energy so they can feel more peace, connection, and purpose in their lives.

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