QMS 9: What is the Law of Attraction?

Does the Law of Attraction sound like some sort of spiritual gimmick?

I used to think the Law of Attraction was a way to trick the universe: if you write what you want 50 times a day for 50 days, you’ll get it.

I now realize – it’s definitely not a trick!  It’s a universal law and has even been studied by quantum physicists. 

And it’s more than just “your thoughts create your reality.”

I share more in this exciting episode! 

In this episode, I share:

The real reason visions boards and affirmations work (and why they sometimes don’t)

The parts of our body involved in attracting circumstances to us

What it means to embody what you want (using abundance as an example)

What is resistance, and why it can thwart our attraction efforts

Why it helps to get delusional

Episode 9: Watch on YouTube!

Mentioned in this episode:

7 Essential Laws by Christy Whitman: The Keys to Create Anything Based on the Laws of the Universe

Heartmath: our heart is 100 times more powerful than our brain

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