QMS 7: Why do my kids trigger me?

Have you noticed your kids trigger you more than others do?  Or, if you’re not a mom (or your kids are out of the house) maybe there’s someone else that knows your hottest buttons.

This was one of the initial reasons I started down the path I’m on – I was a highly reactive mom.  I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t who I planned to be.  And yet, reactive is who I found myself to be.  I spent that early period telling the story many tell – “my kid is making me so mad!”

Finding Dr. Shefali offered me a new, softer perspective.  She helped me realize that our kids come in with a Spiritual purpose, and our triggers are actually gifts.

That’s what I share in this week’s episode of the Quantum Mom Show.

In this episode, I share:

Why our behavior can change when we become a mom

Why our kids are actually our soul mates

How to bring the patterns in your unconscious to your conscious awareness

Who decides which soul will be born to which parent

Two simple exercises you can use when you get triggered

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