QMS 6: What does “living as your authentic self” mean?

We hear a lot about “being authentic” and “bringing our authentic self to work.”  Do you ever find yourself wondering who you are authentically?  Or what it means to be authentic?

While I am on board with telling people to “just be themselves” (after all, who else can we be?)  I also see it as an incomplete message.  The prevailing ideas tend to focus more on this human experience, and leave out the truth of who we are.

In this episode, I share more about my journey to understanding who I am at the deepest level, and how I interpret what it means to express as your authentic self.

In this episode, I share:

What it means to be the observer of your thoughts (and an exercise to understand that concept deeper)

The different energies / attributes of the Soul and the Ego, and an example of how we might act from one versus the other

Why the advice “be authentic” is incomplete

How to get authentic feedback to help you learn and grow

How am I perceived?  Who defines who I am?

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