Tap Into Your Inner Energy Supply

Who here could use more energy?  ✋ And I’m not saying the caffeine-jolt kind of energy.  I rarely drink caffeine, and have been told more than once that I have great energy.  My boss once said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up!” (I’m actually drinking a cup of decaf as I… Continue reading Tap Into Your Inner Energy Supply

Feeling More Peace Within

As you reflect on your day, what is your predominant feeling?  These days I spend most of my time in a fairly neutral, peaceful-feeling state.  But that wasn’t always the case. I used to be really uptight – trying to control every action by everyone in the house, and reacting harshly if people (particularly my… Continue reading Feeling More Peace Within

Is Self-Care a Spiritual Issue?

I see so many struggling with self-care right now.  We try the things we’re told keep us healthy: eat well, exercise, sleep.  Many of the definitions of self-care I found were focused on caring for our physical bodies. While I’m sure the past few years have caused some of those practices to slip, I still… Continue reading Is Self-Care a Spiritual Issue?