QMS 14: What is my purpose?

Have you found yourself asking – what is my purpose?  Or the idea that you’re here to “do” something has been nagging at you? 

Then – trust that.  Trust whatever is nagging at you.  That’s your Soul’s way of trying to get your attention.  Of trying to show you a different path, or an idea to shift.  Something that will serve you better than how it’s serving you now.

If I can offer some support in this area, then check out the video! 

In this episode, I share:

What I’ve learned about purpose on my journey to discovery my own

Our purpose is not necessarily something big we’re here to do

Why the answer will be different for everybody – and who has the answers for you

Why it’s time to stop reading books and start taking action

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Mentioned in this episode:

QMS #6: What does “living as your authentic self” mean? 

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