QMS 12: When there’s no rational basis for your fear

Do you have a fear or phobia that can’t be explained based on your current life’s events?

I heard someone once say their therapist told them “there’s no rational basis for you to have that fear.”  I cringed when I heard that.

In this episode, I share 5 examples of fears that can’t be explained by my current life’s events, yet were very real in my energy body.

Warning that this gets a little more woo than normal!

In this episode, I share:

The components contained within the fear blocks, and how they’ve shown up in my life

5 fears I’ve tapped into that have no rational basis based on this lifetime’s experience

  1. Getting angry from picking up toys
  2. Controlling my kids’ actions
  3. Craving sugar everyday after lunch
  4. My urge to hit a pillow
  5. A few of my kids dying
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Mentioned in this episode:

My dear doggy, Nola, who desperately wanted to go outside!

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