QMS 4: How to change your life

One thing the pandemic shined a light on for many is this: the life we have isn’t the one we truly want.

I was in the throes of working motherhood when I came to the same realization – I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew it wasn’t this.  I had all the same thoughts many of you probably have:

🧠 I’m too old / set in my ways to change now

🧠 It will take too long

🧠 How do I change my life, anyway?

I’ve been obsessively exploring this topic for years.  I am excited to distill down some of the main ideas for you in this episode.

In this episode, I share:

How I overcame the thoughts “I’m too old to make changes,” “it seems silly to change with all I’ve accomplished so far” or “the changes I want to make will take too long”

What actually shapes our experience of life (hint: it’s not what happens to us)

The two ways we can make small changes in our life that add up to larger outer changes over time

The real secret to manifestation

Why it’s okay – and normal – to continue to want more in life

Episode 4: Watch on YouTube!

Mentioned in this episode:

This change visual came to me in meditation. I realized that so many of us just want to wake up in our dream life, but that’s not how it happens. We actually create our dream life, bit by bit, with a combination of outer action steps and inner energy shifts. Then one day we look around and say – whoa. I created this!

Watch the YouTube video for a more thorough explanation!

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