The Only Thing You Can Control

I went sledding the other day.  (Yes, by myself.  Without the kids.  No dragging tiny humans up the hill on a sled this time!)

The first run down was the typical first run, blazing the initial trail through the snow.

The second run down, I started on the same path.  When my sled starting veering off to the right, I put my hand down to steer it back on course.

The third run down, my sled started doing the same thing.  As I put my hand down to bring it back, I realized: why am I trying to control this?

So, I picked my hand up and let the sled go where it wanted.

Turns out, it had a different path for me each time.  Which actually made it more fun.

Where the red sled goes.

My brain loves to tie situations like this back to life lessons, so here is where I went with this one:

There is so little in our lives we have actual control over.

We try to control things: our kids and their behavior, our job situations, certain relationships.  Yet as many a mom with a tantruming child have found out, control is an illusion.  We actually don’t have any control over situations outside of us.  Yet we hold on so hard to things, thinking we do.  Looking for that feeling of being in control in a world that seems anything but.

What I was reminded as I cruised on that sled to the right was that I do have control of one thing: my vibration.

I have no control over how my kids behave, or what people think of me. 

But I do control my vibration. 

And even if I don’t know where I’ll end up in the future, this does actually give me some semblance of control.

That’s because the world mirrors our vibration back to us in the situations it presents to us.

If we believe everything always works out for us, then it will.  Even if it’s in ways we wouldn’t expect.

If we believe the world is always out to get us, then it will.  Over and over.

What makes up our vibration?  It’s a combination of the energy within our thoughts, beliefs (which are really just habitual thoughts), emotions, words, and actions.

If you want to feel in control of something, stop trying to control your outer reality and start looking within.  That’s the only thing you ever could control anyway.  And it’s the most powerful predictor of where you will end up the future.

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