You Can’t Pro/Con List to Your Best Life

You have the life you thought you wanted, yet you’re noticing – it doesn’t feel so good.

Maybe you’re over the constant hustle.  Or work isn’t lighting you up the way you expected.  Or you want more time with your family, and less time at the office.

I simmered in my unhappiness for years before I decided to take action.  For me, it was when the pain of not changing anything – the idea of squandering my potential – was greater than the idea of making changes in my life that finally got me.

Maybe that’s where you are, or you’re getting close to it.  You’re realizing the cost of not making changes; of keeping on the life you’re living. 

Then what do many of us do when we want to make a change?

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Pull out a pro/con list, or logic our way to our next step.

I’m here to tell you that there’s a different way.  Your brain can’t lead you to your highest potential.  Here are 3 reasons why I no longer rely on my brain to lead me.

Our brains are biased toward past hurts, pains, and beliefs

We are not our past.  In any moment, we can choose to tell a new story of who we are and who we want to be.  Yet – our bodies carry the remnants of our past.  Those times we were hurt, or embarrassed.  Those situations that made us feel unsafe, or the behaviors that got us attention.

For years, I’d meet new people and afterward tell myself, “they must think I’m dumb.”  It kept me from wanting to express myself when meeting new people.

I also remembered back to childhood, where I felt like I was “good” because I was quiet.

Having beliefs like these simmering under the surface kept me from wanting to talk about my ideas.  I made choices that ensured I didn’t talk too much because the past pain would bubble up in my body.

As I’ve learned more about my soul mission, and am interpreting my Human Design, I’m learning one of the gifts I am here to give the world is the gift of my words.  I’m choosing to follow that expanded vision for myself, instead of my brain’s limited views that I’m better off staying quiet.

Our brains are full of the limitations of society

We are not our limitations.  We are a powerful soul that is capable of anything.  Yet we carry around our limitations like blankets, thinking they are our truths.

As I started applying energy healing concepts to my relationship with my kids, and noticed myself reacting less and less, my next thought was “these ideas could help so many people!”  As I felt into how I could package it as a business, coaching felt like the right option.

But then I had all these limitations that came bubbling up from the ethers of society:

You’re not pretty enough to be a coach.

There are already enough coaches out there.

What would you say that’s not already being said by someone else?

Had I let these take over, I never would have walked down the path.  I learned to listen to the call from my heart – that I can have an impact and do have things to say – and discern it from the ideas running around my brain. 

Our brains limit our options based on our past

We limit our options based on where we’ve been.  We think we are our past.  Yet again – our past does not define us.  At any time, we can choose to chart a new path that is not confined to where we have been or what we have learned.

Before I got into this work, I calculated my next step based on where I’d been: I had engineering degrees, experience in health care and insurance, and roles process improvement.  The obvious moves were somewhere in those boundaries, or maybe a step or two beyond – but never a giant leap to something new.

Now, I’m launching my coaching business.  This year I got into podcast guesting, and expect next year to get into public speaking.  All under a brand I’m building around living an empowered life.  This is a far cry from those boundaries I set before.

I got here by taking one step after the other, all led by my intution.  In 2019, I had no idea where I was going.  All I knew was I was being led to learn about energy.  Then to have a secret YouTube channel.  Then to share my ideas publicly.  Each step led me to the next step, and the bigger picture is finally opening up for me.

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I wouldn’t have gotten here by deciding on my goals, laying out my five year plan, and breaking it down into action items.  Any five year plan I would have created would have been limited.  I only had the next step, and then the next.

Now that life is becoming more clear, I can plan a little farther in advance.  But I still feel fairly surrendered to the next steps as the full picture continues to drop in.

If this article has spoken to you, take a deep breath.  The discomfort you are feeling is simply the voice of your soul, trying to lead you somewhere different.  Somewhere bigger and more magical than you can imagine.  And – asking you to stop limiting yourself with logic and reasoning, and pro/con lists. 

There are so many ways your soul speaks to you, but I know one thing: your soul carries your truth.  Your brain is full of limitations placed on you by your life experience, and can never lead you to the highest place you are meant to go.  Learning to discern the voice of your brain from the voice of your soul can lead you to a life better than your brain can imagine for you.

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