Tap Into Your Inner Energy Supply

Who here could use more energy?  βœ‹

And I’m not saying the caffeine-jolt kind of energy.  I rarely drink caffeine, and have been told more than once that I have great energy.  My boss once said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up!”

(I’m actually drinking a cup of decaf as I write this… what someone referred to this week as “why bother?”)

In this article, I will share my secret of how I went from burnt-out working mama to having the energy to work a corporate job, start a business, and raise my kids.

This article isn’t about food, exercise, and sleep. πŸ’€ Though those are important, too.

It’s about tapping into an unlimited energy supply.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

My goal in my life is to align to the energy of my soul.  I used to only care about my soul in the context of – where will I go when I die?  I learned a few years ago, we don’t have to wait until then to know our souls.  We can live as them right now.

Our souls are an energy.  A high vibrational energy tapped into a universal, infinite energy stream.

The more we live from the authentic energy of our souls, and less from the heavy weight of the conditioned self, the more sustained energy we will feel.

β˜• The less we’ll need coffee to get through our day.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ The more energy we’ll have to really enjoy our kids.

🎨 Or go after that hobby we can’t seem to find the energy for – the one that will fill up our energy reserves even more.

One way to live more from our souls is what I shared in my previous article, Feeling More Peace Within.  As we remove the heavy emotional layers we all carry, we make more space for our feel-good soul energy to flood through our system. 

Another way is to call in the energy we want to feel.

Not only is our soul connected to universal energy – there are an infinite number of vibrations we can plug into at any time and bring into our body.

Think of a radio.  Each radio station – 96.3, 106.1 – represents a frequency.  You want to hear a station, you deliberately tune into it.

Our bodies are the same thing.  We can deliberately choose to tune into an energy of our choosing: Peace.  Abundance.  Clarity.  Health.

So many of us feel like we’re victims to the world and what happens to us, but that’s not true.  We can intentionally choose how we feel.

Try it with me:

Sit in a quiet place.

Take three deep breaths, and really feel your belly expand.

Say out loud, “I call in the feeling of peace.”  Then – you don’t have to do or control anything.  Just let the energy of peace flood your system.

(If you end up trying this, shoot me an email at hello@andreaandree.com.  I’d love to know how it felt for you!)

In my Zen Den

As with anything, this is a practice.  The first time you call in a feeling, you might not be able to hold it in your body that long.  But the more you intentionally call in a certain feeling, the more you train your cells to hold that feeling for longer.

The more high vibe energy your cells get used to holding, the more energy you have.

This is a quick way to re-center yourself in those moments you feel like you’re flying off the rails.

This is also a great way to fill your energy body, so you can give to your kids from your overflow, not your depletion.

And who couldn’t use a little overflow these days?

Tap Into Your Inner Energy Supply is one of the four results pillars that my clients experience as a result of working with me.

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